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Coffeetek Vitro S1

Tabletop, Bean to cup, Ideal for office/ Reception/ waiting room

The Vitro S1 is an automatic hot beverage machine designed with the highest quality materials and components found in our top performance professional machines. Its seamless and compact design fits nicely for any coffee area in a small office, a hotel, a convenience store or a quick service restaurant. Designed to provide the ultimate coffee experience from the first cup to the last.

KEY FEATURES: Rapid vend time, Easy to clean, Easy refill, 10.1” Interface HD Display, High pressure brewing system.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Base cabinet kit, Cup module kit, Pay module

DRINK OPTIONS: Espresso, Americano, Hot chocolate, Cappuccino, Caffe mocha, Cafe Latte, Cafe Au Lait, Hot water.

MACHINE DIMENSIONS: H625mm, W305mm, D430mm