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Westomatic Sigma Touch

Floorstanding, Bean to cup, ideal for Office/ Reception/ Showroom/ Warehouse

The Westomatic Sigma Touch coffee machine is packed with the perfect blend of innovation, precision and technology all combining together to deliver high street quality bean to cup coffee. With a comprehensive menu available, you can enjoy thick bodied espressos, creamy hot chocolates and deliciously thick milkshakes. With barista quality drinks and a simple functionality the Sigma Touch will delight your staff, clients and guests.

KEY FEATURES: Bean to cup coffee, 19” Touchscreen, Eco software, Rapid vend time, Able to select different sized cups, Coffee in all varieties.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Full machine branding/ Graphics available, Bespoke branded menu, Able to specify water filter.

DRINK OPTIONS: Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat white, Americano, Brewed tea, Decaff Coffee, Hot chocolate, Thick milkshakes, Hot milk, Cold milk, Water.

MACHINE DIMENSIONS: H1830mm, W710mm, D765mm

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