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Crane COTI

Floorstanding, Bean to cup, ideal for Office/ Reception/ Showroom/ Warehouse

Bring café quality service to your site with barista-quality drinks, thanks to the new COTI. Designed to add elegance to any location and to deliver the perfect drink every time, COTI delivers each drink consistently with stellar taste, aroma, colour and appearance and will bring consumers back wanting more.

KEY FEATURES: Easy to use and interactive interface, Up to 28 selections of barista-style coffees, 800 cup capacity, Uses less energy, Easy to brand.

DRINK OPTIONS: Black coffee (Beans & instant), White coffee (Beans & instant), Black americano (Beans & instant), White americano (Beans & instant), Cappuccino (Beans & instant), Latte (Beans & instant), Flat white (Beans & instant), Mocha (Beans & instant), Espresso (Beans & instant), Double Espresso (Beans & instant), Espresso with milk (Beans & instant), Macchiato (Beans & instant), Soup (Instant), Hot chocolate (instant) Chocomilk (Instant), Tea, Tea with milk, Hot water, Cold water.

MACHINE DIMENSIONS: H1830mm, W700mm, D790mm

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