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Crane ICON

Floorstanding, Bean to cup, ideal for Office/ Reception/ Showroom/ Warehouse

Captivate your customer’s interest immediately with the ICON user interface, and the stylish design of the coffee machine. Robustly engineered with state-of-the-art technology, ICON reliably vends luxurious hot drinks time after time.

KEY FEATURES: Intuitive user interface, 21″ HD display, 82% Recyclable, Barista quality coffee.


DRINK OPTIONS: Black coffee (Beans & instant), White coffee (Beans & instant), Black americano (Beans & instant), White americano (Beans & instant), Cappuccino (Beans & instant), Latte (Beans & instant), Flat white (Beans & instant), Mocha (Beans & instant), Espresso (Beans & instant), Double Espresso (Beans & instant), Espresso with milk (Beans & instant), Macchiato (Beans & instant), Soup (Instant), Hot chocolate (instant) Chocomilk (Instant), Tea, Tea with milk, Hot water, Cold water.

MACHINE DIMENSIONS: H1830mm, W700mm, D790mm

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